Thursday, February 14, 2019

Blog Week 4 -  Post One - Feb 14, 2019

Identify 3 potential problems with these websites:


I really enjoyed this website.  It has great pictures and it's broken in many parts.  I see the following improvements:

*  Adding music to each act so if a person clicks on the website and the artist, they could listen to their music.
*   The logo should be on each page and larger font.  It does have a lot going on, maybe too much going on, so you can get lost in the website.
*     I could not find the address to the center and I clicked on a few links until I finally found it.  This should be easier to find so people don't get frustrated.

Website #2

I checked this website this is how I would improve this website:

*   The website is too dark.  It needs more light, to make it more appealing.  Maybe some music to give it a more exciting look.
*     Could not find a phone number.  I clicked on many links, even help link but I could not find the phone number.  There is a chat available during certain hours but no phone number to call.
*      It's too busy website.  Too many links and too much going on, so I just wanted to leave the website.  It's not designed very well and not appealing.

Choose 2 websites and identify what they have done right and how the branding impacted the website:

I liked this website as it flows.  The font is big and bold.  There are few pictures but they are big and the script is the same size.  I enjoy the colorful pictures.  The phone number is listed and address.  Branding is good and it gets to the point of what this website is about.  Very good branding and I really enjoyed it.
I liked this website as it has a video which I enjoyed and the website is not too busy like some of the other websites.  The branding is very good and it's easy to follow and find information.  I really do like videos on website and this one is quick and repeats itself.  The branding was very good as well.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Week 3 - Part 2 -

Coco's Restaurants's Bakery Restaurant
There are no links on their website so I then went to their facebook page.  I noticed that the company were responding to comments made on facebook.  Usually replies were every 3 days and not on weekends or at night.  This company needs to post their social media sites on their website to help guests leave comments.  They could use social media better as I see their local promotions on facebook but its something that is on their website so you can see it there.

Dennys Restaurants
I went to their site and I noticed they have every social media site you can think of to click on to comment on visits and see promotions.  So I clicked on:
This site is great, they have fun sayings about their food.  People are commenting and there is somebody answering the comments.  They have a rating that says 4.8 out of 5 in responses.  So it looks like they have this staffed at most times and someone is there to comment on guest comments.  Looks like they post pictures every day and list promotions but different than their website.  They do a great job on social media sites.

I went to this site and noticed they have al ot of social media sites to click on to comment so I clicked on:
This site is not kept updated.  I didn't see any written replies on any guest complaint omments.  I did see some one who click like on compliments.  Many disgruntled guests and not replies back.  Looks like no one is manning this site.  Current promotions are displayed, the same as on the facebook page.

I went to this site and noticed they have a lot of icons to choose from for social media, so I choose

I reviewed this site and it looks like they have someone monitoring this website at all times.  Looks like a response is given the next day to a good or bad complaint.  There are fun contests on line that is not on their home webpage.  I liked reading the comments and the replies which look to be different on each response.  Very good social media on this website.  They really are up to date on their social media and its different.
I went to this site and noticed all the icons on this website which I clicked on and went to
This is a poor facebook site as it does not look like any one answers any of the guests leaving comments. Some of the comments are just asking for hours, certain information and nothing is answered.  The promotions are loaded on the site but its the same information on the website.  So this site could use a person designed to update it or steer guests another way to leave comments.

After investigating all these social media sites, I learned some are better than others.  I think facebook and the business website should be different.  I think those posting on facebook should be answered within a day or given an email or phone number to contact if they want a response back than no answers.  Some of these do a great job and some do a terrible job.  Looks like some sites really care about customer feedback and some sites really don't care and it shows.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Week 3 - Part 1 -

Write: Blog Post Week 3 Part 1:

  • Have you ever experienced difficulty communicating with a business?   I have written some businesses directly through email and 50% answer and 50% don't.  I have yelped a few times about businesses and I have never received a response.  A few times, I bought some products online and emailed and then a week later got a response, but it was a response like from a computer, like generic and didn't address the problem.  I don't call anymore to businesses as no one answers.
  • Does social media make it easier to get noticed or get your problem solved?   Social Media, does resolve some issues faster like a bad restaurant or product.  Again, I have not had good success with a business getting back to me when I used a social media site.  Usually, I do the chat room thing, than call or use social media to address a problem.
  • Have you ever had a positive experience communicating with a business through social media?   I have not had a positive experience yet, I have emailed Starbucks and got a problem but resolved but again, that was not posting on a website for everyone to see.
  • If it was your own business on social media, how would you respond to positive or negative comments?  I would respond to negative reviews more generic so not to admit guilt or that there is a problem but to try to reach out to the guest and have him or her email a company email address to communicate.  That way others who visit this site, can see the company reach out but not omit there is an issue, as one might think its just the person leaving it on social media.  As we know, some people who leave issues on social media is leaving one side of the story.  I would say "thank you for letting us know of your unsatisfactory visit and management will be investigating and resolving any issues.  We would like to communicate with you, if you can email us at ???? and reference this post so we may communicate with you.  Thank you for helping us improve our operations.
  • Describe what made your experience negative or positive.  If a had an issue with say Starbucks and I posted that they got my order wrong, if Starbucks was to respond that they were sending me a free beverage or taking care of the problem then it would be a positive experience.  But if I post a negative post, and just get "thank you for your comments" then not I am not going to be satisfied.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Week 2 - Part 2 - Comment on Blogs

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