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Week 17 - Final Week - Summary - Susan SullivanHow has your social media changed over the semester? We had zero social media before I started this class.  Now we have a presence in all social media avenues.  Before, we didn't pay for any marketing, now all the marketing budget we have, I requested to be used for boost posts.

Has there been an impact on your business? Yes, lot more awareness for the brand.  By seeing these posts (And I posted on the website of the mall the store currently is at and gave new pictures) we are seeing more people coming into the store and calling to ask about merchandise.

Growth of customers and increased interaction is a key component? I paid for some boosts so I could study the analytics.  I studied Google and Face book and saw how many clicked, directions, checked pictures, when viewed and clicked.  This part was very interesting to me and I learned a lot.  I also made a group where I sent these posts and I think that is very important not to waste ad…
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Week 16 - Part two commenting on posts

I commented on six posts which I really enjoyed.  We have some talented people in this class as I have learned so much.  The comments I made were for the following blogs:

Elena Cohen. “Elena Cohen Photography”
David Durham “David’s Backpack Panchos”
Israel Gutierrez”Student Success”
Michelle Jordan  “Filly Willy Auto Care”
Tracey Walz “Realize Your Fit”
Austin Poynter “Prizmatic”

Week 16 - Part 1 - Create a schedule on which platforms

Week 16 - Part 1 -Create a Schedule on which platforms
I enjoyed creating and posting on facebook and Instagram.  I feel these two areas the most effective way to grow our store's audience.  I would post once a month any new jackets that we received and build a mailing list.  I feel that our audience would be best fit if they saw some of our merchandise if it flashed on Instagram and facebook.

New Arrivals - once a month
When a major sporting event happens such as World Series, Super Bowl -send out a post
When a new Sport Season starts such as when baseball or football starts

I would post on face book and Instagram

I would also write a monthly blog about a subject that is related to a sporting event.

I will grow our eclub so we can send out coupons and offers on birthdays.

I feel that blogging, face book, Instagram and newsletters will work best with our jacket store.  We can do $100 a month on social media posts dividing among face book and some google with keywords.  We would ta…
Week 15 - Part 1
I read the google analytics for a business page.  I don't have a website so I could not practice this but I did read this and it was very interesting with all the analytics this does.  I can not wait to build a website and view how many posts and how to grow business with these measures.

By analyizing who potential guests are and narrow down posts for potential guests will help increase exposure that interests those individuals.

I liked all my classmates facebook posts as myself, Susan Sullivan and commented on some posts!

Week 15 - Part 2
I studied my Facebook Analytics from the two posts I sent last week.  Here are the analytics from my posts:

Here is more analytics on the audience that I choose "Sports Group"
Here is total number of likes:

Here is my second post that I did and the analytics from the second post:

WEEK 14 - Part One
I posted three posts and scheduled them and paid $1 a day for a few days, I then paid another one for a scheduled post for $1 for five days!

I choose a target ad for Sports people, women and men, age 35 to 65 years old and live a mile from the Aurora Mall.  For a $1 a day said it would go to 165 to 600 people each day.

I added call to action, directions so guests would know where the shop is located.  Since this is a brick and mortar store and we don't have a website, I felt directions was the call to action one to have.  I also added like the page.

I am showing 3 ads with the following pictures of the sport jackets we offer:

*  I targeted a Colorado jacket and targeted Moms Day to post on Wednesday afternoon to Sunday. with a tag to purchase for Mom

* I then targeted a Dodger Blue jacket since many people in Colorado are from Los Angeles and the Dodgers are playing the Rockies next week!  This ad went out today with a boost so I can track it next  week to see …
Week 13 - Part 1
I started putting in NFL sports jackets and found some websites and some physical stores that I studied: -
This is what came up with searched key words.  I then went to their website which is
This was more of a website than a physical store.  As soon as it came up, there was a large DISCOUNT SIGN and many pictures of apparel.  Their prices are good, its a huge company, so our little store would have to compete with those that physically go in to look around and want it that day for say a gift or to give their money to the little guy.

I then found a store called Sportsfan in Denver Colorado.  This had no website nor facebook page.  Just on Bing showed addressed and hours so there is no advertising I could report on but it was a physical store and no web presence.

Next, during my search, says a company called Fanzz Sports Apparel.  I clicked on their facebook and website and it took my to a new company called Li…
Week 12 - Part One- Using Yelp, Google My Business,  Bing

I went ahead and created a Google My Business location site so now potential customers can write reviews, and I can answer them as well as get directions and hours of our location.  This is the site location for google my business:

I also went ahead and made a location for Yelp for Leather Direct Colorado and here is the link.  This way I can also answer reviews and customers can see hours of operation and location and what we do.

I also made an account for Bing, I just need to verify it when someone gets to the store tomorrow.  The store is in Colorado so I have to wait to call and get someone to do the code for me.

Bing is great, as it shows at the top of search engines so this will be usefull tool as another social media site.

Week 12 - Part Two - Discussion

So I made a Yelp review and noticed there were review…